Canyon Pines Creations

Here at Canyon Pines Creations, we provide an outlet for artistic and natural home accents.  Our creations reflect the magnificent beauty of nature.  We collect and design many of our products, from natural elements found here in southeast Wyoming.  We gather materials from the land itself.....wildflowers, tumbleweeds, rangeland grasses, antlers and be recycled into products that enhance your home and your spirit.  We sincerely hope that you appreciate, as we do, the splendor of all that surrounds us.  Please take time to enjoy the Nature Photos page.

**At the current time, our inventory is being changed.  Most items on the website are either sold or not available for purchase.  We left the photos and prices on to show examples.  Please contact us if there is an item you are interested in.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 
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